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Bloating, Stomach Distension, Diarrhea After Eating? SIBO Series Part I

Part one of a four part video series on SIBO. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth occurs when the bacteria in the large intestines get out of balance and overgrow into areas of the small intestine where they don’t belong. This happens for a number of reasons and over this E-Video course, I will be sharing the causes, testing, the […]

10 Steps To Naturally Reversing Your IBS- Video

Why Do You Continue Suffering With Horrible Digestive Symptoms Like Diarrhea, Constipation, Bloating, Intestinal Cramping, Intestinal Spasms, Fatigue… When Your Doctors Say There Is Nothing Wrong And All Your Lab Tests Are normal? If your like most people that find this site, you are frustrated with the treatment and management of your digestive disorder. Perhaps you have been […]

Why Gall Bladder Function is Important when You have Thyroid Disease

Are you familiar with what the gallbladder does and how it affects your health? Do you know about the negative consequences of having your gall bladder removed? Do you know about the important role your Gallbladder plays with the balance of hormones. If you stay tuned, I will explain just how important this organ is […]

Gluten Free Diet But Still Suffering?| Dr. Hagmeyer Explains Why in This Video Series.

Do you continue to suffer with IBS, Celiac Disease, SIBO, Hashimoto’s and chronic Health problems despite eating “Gluten Free” Foods?  Have you started a gluten free diet and didn’t respond the way you thought you should have. If so, you probably were making a common mistake when people fail to work with a doctor who specializes […]

Restless Legs and IBS – Your Problem May be caused by your Gut. Dr Richard Hagmeyer

Restless Legs and IBS- Your Problem May be caused by your Gut. “Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a neurological condition that is characterized by the irresistible urge to move the legs. While the name may sound funny, it is a very real disorder. In order for you to be officially diagnosed with RLS, you must […]

Natural Treatment for IBS |6 Natural Remedies for IBS That Can Turn Your Life Around| Dr. Richard Hagmeyer

Holistic treatment for IBS

6 Natural Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome That Can Turn Your Life Around. Dr Richard Hagmeyer Naperville IL  NeuroMetabolic Solutions. Natural Treatment for IBS and Gastrointestinal Problems. Although IBS is a complex issue requiring a comprehensive approach, I wanted to share some simple, basic, natural strategies that can be used by anyone looking for an […]

Natural Treatment for Leaky Gut and IBS|Dr Richard Hagmeyer|

Natural Treatment for Leaky Gut and IBS|Dr Richard Hagmeyer| 1

Summary: Leaky gut syndrome testing and treatment is essential for patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and possibly any other gastrointestinal condition. Treatment for leaky gut syndrome revolves around normalizing proper bacterial balances, nutrition support for the tissue lining the bowels, the identification of food intolerance’s, and the identification of hormonal imbalances as contributors. Leaky Gut […]

Naperville Holistic IBS Doctor| Natural treatment for IBS should include FODMAPS

foodmaps and ibs

Naperville Holistic IBS Doctor| Natural treatment for IBS should include an Understanding of FODMAPS Dr Richard Hagmeyer is the clinic director at the Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions in Naperville IL. Do you want the digestive system you were born before you were diagnosed with IBS, chronic diarrhea, or spastic colon? If so then you will […]