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Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? Quality of Life affected Even When TSH Levels are Normal.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Can Affect Quality of Life Even When Thyroid Gland Function Is “Normal” Often information comes along that needs to be passed on. This article from Science Daily is an example of that information.  This research paper explains a phenomenon that physicians, clinicians, Functional Medicine practitioners such as myself have observed for a long time.  I […]

New Testing Reveals Factors Causing Autoimmune Thyroid and More.

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New Gluten Intolerance Tests from Cyrex Labs Give Deeper Insight into Gluten Intolerance and autoimmune conditions. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten gives bread its fluffiness and chewiness. Research has shown gluten to be connected to many diseases such as celiac and several autoimmune diseases including a thyroid condition known […]

Natural Thyroid Methods. 5 Most Common Mistakes Made WithThyroid Treatment. Part I

5 Most Common Mistakes Being Made When It comes To Treatment For Thyroid. My Top Countdown Of The 5 Most Common Mistakes Made when it Comes To Treatment For Thyroid Disease Part I. Whether it’s the family doctor, endocrinologist, Chiropractic Physician, Naturopathic Doctor, or Chinese herbalist, you may not be getting the straight information regarding […]

5 Most Common Mistakes Being Made When it Comes to Thyroid Treatment Part II

5 Most Common Mistakes Being Made When it Comes to Thyroid Treatment Part II. Naperville, IL NeuroMetabolic Solutions PART II Here is part II of our series titled ” My Top 5 Countdown to the 5 most common mistakes being made when it comes to Hashimotos and Hypothyroid Treatment.” If you missed part I you […]

Why Conventional Thyroid Treatment Usually Fails, And What You Can Do About It. Naperville Thyroid Doctor

Hashimotos and Hypothyroidism. Dr Hagmeyer of Naperville IL Explains why you may not be getting better. Thyroid Disease is a Chronic and progressive Condtion. Do you wonder why you Continue To Suffer? The Secret To The Success of Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions  Big Picture Approach What do patients who suffer with chronic illness have in common? When I […]

Healthy Liver and Gallbladder Function is Essential for Healthy Hormone Metabolism.

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Naperville Thyroid Doctor Explains importance of Your Gallbladder in Hormone Metabolism The Importance of your Liver and Gallbladder in Hormone Metabolism How important is the gallbladder? I mean really? Nearly half a million gallbladder surgeries — removal, or “cholecystectomy” to be precise — are performed each year in the US. Many of the people who […]

Low Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance And It’s Affects On Thyroid Function.

How Low Blood Sugar Affects The Thyroid Dr Hagmeyer Explains. Just as high blood sugar can affect and alter thyroid function, chronically low blood sugar or hypoglycemia can also cause thyroid problems. (If you missed our last post on high blood sugar and Thyroid function you can watch my video below) Your body is genetically programmed […]

Hashimoto’s? Hypothyroidism? Hyperthyroidism?. Here are 4 Questions You Need To Ask. Dr Hagmeyer

FOUR Questions Every Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s patient should ask. Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid Disease is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States. Being the most common presentation of hypothyroidism would suggest that it would have the most effective and refined treatments, given that it is encountered by doctors so often. Unfortunately this is […]

Iodine and Hashimotos an Explosive Mix. What You Need To Know.

Are Iodine Supplements Safe for Low Thyroid Sufferers? Listen very closely to what I’m about to tell you. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Iodine supplementation and Hypothyroidism and so I want to share with you why this is a concern. Iodine is important for thyroid hormone metabolism. You must have iodine to make […]

Natural Thyroid Treatment Options. Low Blood Sugar Can Sabotage Thyroid Function

Natural Thyroid Treatment Options Naperville IL . How to keep Your blood sugar in a Healthy Range. Dr Richard Hagmeyer Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions. Naperville IL If You Suffer With Low Thyroid Function You Need To KNow How To Keep Your Blood Sugar In a Healthy Range. Healthy Thyroid Function is absolutley dependent on […]