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5 Warning Signs That Your Thyroid May Not Be Your Problem|Holistic Thyroid Treatment

your thyroid may not be your problem

5 Warning Signs that your thyroid may not be your problem.   Here are 5 Warning Signs that you may have hypothyroidism from an immune mechanism, and that the treatment your are currently receiving may not adequate for your particular condition:  1)The dose of your thyroid replacement hormone continually goes up over time. If you are […]

Natural Treatment Methods for Hashimotos Hypothyroidism

Natural Treatment Methods for Hashimotos Hypothyroidism 1

Functional Medicine and Thyroid doctor explain how to naturally treat and reverse symptoms of Hashimotos disease. Thyroid Doctor explains how to naturally treat and reverse many of the symptoms associated with Hashimotos disease I have received this question several times from Hashimoto’s sufferers several times this month and so I decided to post my response. I […]

Natural Thyroid Treatment Methods. Can Natural Thyroid Treatment Help after Thyroid Surgery?

Can Natural Thyroid Treatment Help After Thyroid Surgery. Dr Richard Hagmeyer “Can You Still Help Me If My Thyroid Has Been Removed?” About every other day a potential patient writes to me and asks, “Can you still help me even if my thyroid has been removed?” It is a great question. The answer is YES … […]

#1 Cause of Hypothyroidism in America.

Naperville Thyroid Doctors Shares Thyroid Treatment Success Secret #1: Auto Immune Thyroid or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is the #1 Cause of Hypothyroid in the U.S.! The #1 cause of low thyroid or hypothyroid in the United States is something called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroid.  It’s an autoimmune condition and it means that your immune system […]

A Brief Overview of How Your Thyroid Gland Works

Naperville Thyroid Doctor explains The Thyroid. Let’s talk about the thyroid gland a bit. The thyroid “runs” our metabolism.  It is the “gas pedal” of the body. Thyroid hormones have a direct effect on most organs, including the  heart, which beats faster and harder under the influence of increased  thyroid hormones (this is why heart […]

Hashitmotos Sufferers Beware. If You are taking this, it could be making you worse Naperville Thyroid Doctor

Hashimoto’s Sufferers BEWARE – Your Thyroid Supplements may be making you worse. When a patient is diagnosed with low thyroid production, medically referred to as hypothyroidism, one of the first things commonly prescribed is iodine supplementation. This is logical and valid on the surface. Iodine is a component in thyroid hormone production. Worldwide iodine deficiency […]

Thryoid Problems After Having A Baby?Natural Thyroid Treatment Center.

Thyroid Problems After Having A Baby. Naperville Insitute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions Dr. Richard Hagmeyer Thyroiditis Risks Linger for Many Women After Pregnancy Up to 10 percent of U.S. women suffer from postpartum thyroiditis (PPT) in the year after giving birth. The condition, which is thought to be an autoimmune disease similar to Hashimoto’s, is generally […]

Thyroid Disease? Dr Hagmeyer Explains How Parasites Could Be Making You Worse

Chinese liver fluke parasite

Parasite Detected In A Patient Suffering With Hashimotos. Advanced Testing uncovers several parasites and a fluke in one of our patients who has been suffering for over 20 years. The literature is filled with research showing that patients with chronic diseases such as Hashimotos, Celiac Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Dizziness, High Cholesterol suffer with […]

Overcoming Infertility When Diagnosed With A Thyroid Condition. Natural Thyroid Treatment

Infertility and Thyroid Hormones. What Every Woman Needs to Know. Dr Richard Hagmeyer D.C. Overcoming Fertility Problems When Having A Thyroid Condition Becoming pregnant is something that many women with thyroid conditions struggle with. Some of these women, to no avail, will go on to spend thousands of dollars on fertility specialists. I am not, […]

Why You Should Avoid Self Treating Your Thyroid Disorder.

Treating Your Autoimmune Hashimotos Thyroid and Hypothyroidism. What NOT to do. Self-Treat Your Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder. Is a recipe for disaster. Let’s remember that we’re dealing with an autoimmune thyroid condition here, so for anyone who thinks they can cure their condition by simply take a few supplements and/or herbal remedies, you will be extremely […]