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Naperville IL Doctor Hagmeyer|Autoimmune Reactions Common Chronic Fatigue|Why We Need To Take A Closer Look.

Autoimmune Reactions More Common In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Then Once Thought: Why Not Take A Closer Look?|Dr. Richard Hagmeyer, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue specialist in Naperville Illinois, explains: Over the years more and more research is showing that CFS and Fibromyalgia can be linked to autoimmune conditions. It is now widely accepted, that […]

Fibromyalgia & Thyroid Disease |Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions

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Fibromyalgia Treatment Success Secret # 1 Lab Testing Ranges are EXTREMELY Broad! Why do you still have symptoms when your lab tests are normal? Why do you continue to suffer with extreme fatigue and unrelenting pain when the MD has told you that all of your lab tests are “normal.” Why do you have trouble […]

Battling Fibromyalgia ? CFS Fibromyalgia and Thyroid. Dr Richard Hagmeyer Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions Naperville IL

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IF YOU SUFFER WITH FIBORMYALGIA GET YOUR THYROID PROPERLY TESTED…NOW! You probably haven’t had your thyroid gland properly evaluated. Do you know, that there are over 30 different underlying metabolic factors that can influence your thyroid gland. You can watch a video here where I explain the 6 most common patterns here.This is extremely important […]

Fibromyalgia More Than A Muscle Problem – The Cause Behind the Brain Fog &The Sleepless Nights.

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Fibromyalgia More Than A Muscle Problem – The cause behind the Mental sluggishness, The Sleepless Nights and the FibroFog Dr. Richard Hagmeyer D.C., discusses the Neurological, Brain-Based Treatment for Fibromyalgia… Lets face it, there is NO QUICK FIX to Fibromyalgia. Anyone who is telling you that its simple problem has either not treated Enough Patients […]

Is Fibromyalgia an Autoimmune Disease. Dr Hagmeyer From Naperville,IL Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions

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Fibromyalgia Treatment Success Secret #4: How Do I Know If My Fibromyalgia Is Tied Into An Autoimmune Condtion? How do you know if you’re autoimmune? How do you know if your immune system is attacking your body? The reality is…most people already know that they’re autoimmune just from the fact that they may already suffer […]

Functional Medicine Explained| Dr. Richard Hagmeyer

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How Functional Medicine Helps Patients Suffering with Chronic Health Conditions. Dr Richard Hagmeyer Functional Medicine is a science-based, natural way to regain, reverse and prevent disease. It is 21st century, it is  cutting edge, it is customized to the individual. Functional Medicine is patient-centered medical healing at its best. Instead of looking at and treating health […]

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Self-Treat Your Thyroid or Fibromyalgia Condition

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Self-Treat Your Thyroid or Fibromyalgia Condition Dr. Richard Hagmeyer Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions I got a call from a woman this afternoon and my heart simply broke for her. She was diagnosed with a Thyroid condition as well as fibromyalgia many years ago. Like most people suffering from […]

Fibromyalgia And AutoImmune Conditions

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Fibromyalgia can be caused by an Auto Immune Condition. An autoimmune condition is where your immune system is attacking a part of your body, and in your case, it is most likely attacking multiple systems in your body including your thyroid gland, adrenal gland, nerves, joints and muscles. This is why you suffer with constant […]

Naperville IL Fibromyalgia Residents Find Tremendous Relief With This New Therapy| Dr Richard Hagmeyer

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Dramatic Breakthrough In Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Treatment offered at The Naperville Insitute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions Naperville, IL Your brain uses about 20% of all the oxygen that enters your blood from the lungs. But the brain only makes up about 2% of your total body mass. It’s an oxygen hog.Your brain consumes and […]

Fibromyalgia and Gluten A Dangerous Combination. How One Test Changed Three Lives. Dr Richard Hagmeyer. Naperville, IL

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What do these 3 patients of ours have in common? One is a 70-year old woman who suffered with epilepsy and seizures for 50 years. These came to an abrupt end within on week of stating treatment. The second is a 60-year old woman who could not stop her bone loss from osteoporosis, despite the […]