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Tests to Understand Depression and Anxiety in Thyroid Disease-Organic Acid Testing

Using The Organic Acid Test To Understand Some of The Potential Mechanisms behind Depression, Brain Fog and Anxiety in people who suffer with Thyroid disease. Everyday in practice I have the opportunity to work with patients who are affected by depression and anxiety and it is a rare circumstance that I don’t find subclinical thyroid disorder […]

Fibromyalgia More Than A Muscle Problem| The Cause Behind the Mental sluggishness,The Sleepless Nights and the FibroFog

Lets face it, there is NO QUICK FIX to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain. Often misunderstood by family and friends, people who suffer with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain often suffer with symptoms such as Fatigue, Depression, Brain Fog, Digestive Problems, and Sleeping problems that often accompany this terrible syndrome. Anyone who is telling or trying to sell you that […]

Perimenopause and Depression

Perimenopause And The Connection to Sadness, Anxiety and Depression Does depression affect you? Are you having other perimenopause symptoms? It is important to understand that depression and perimenopause symptoms can be related. Learn why depression is more common during perimenopause and what natural approaches you can take to feel better. While depression may occur at […]

Natural Treatment Options for Depression and Anxiety|Is There Such An Option

Natural Alternatives To Antidepressants|Is There Such An Option? Antidepressants are widely used in practice today. Chances are, you or someone you know, have taken one already. If you have ever taken one, or are currently taking one, you may have gotten relief from your symptoms for a period of time. Unfortunately, that usually doesn’t last. The […]

Elevated Liver Enzymes May Indicate A Gluten Sensitivity.

Elevated Liver Enzymes, Anemia, Peripheral Neuropathy Could It Be Due to Gluten Found In Wheat. Do you suffer with numbness?, tingling in hands and feet?, burning or sharp pain as if you are stepping on tacks? Chronic or frequent Headaches? what about anxiety, depression? If you have elevated liver enzymes or anemia (low iron) showing […]

Fat? Maybe It’s Not Your Fault But the Bacteria Living Inside Your GI Tract.

We all carry trillions of bacteria in our guts, with as many as a thousand different strains. The composition of these strains, or our “bacterial fingerprint,” can influence whether we are prone to depression, anxiety, or obesity. Some gut bacteria can Leave you feeling depressed, fat and feeling anxious. Studies have shown people (and mice) […]

Naperville Diabetes Center Warns Diabetics About The Dangerous Effects of Paxil and Statins. Dr. Richard Hagmeyer

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Taking Antidepressants and Cholesterol Lowering Medications Could Raise Your Blood Sugar Are you a diabetic who is suffering with depression and high cholesterol? Are you having problems with your blood sugar despite taking your medications? Do you still suffer with fatigue, Restless Leg Sydrome, hormone problems and weight loss? New research confirms what we have seen clinically in our office […]