Histamine Intolerance and DAO enzyme Support Pack

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Supplements to Help with Histamine Intolerance- Histamine Support Pack

Histamine intolerance occurs when there is a buildup of histamine in the body. Drugs, medical conditions, the environment, nutritional deficiencies, and diet can lead to histamine intolerance.

Factors that lead to histamine intolerance cause the following:

  • An increase in how much histamine a person’s digestion releases.
  • A decrease in the effectiveness or abundance of diamine oxidase, or DAO, the primary enzyme that breaks down ingested histamine.
  • A decrease in the effectiveness or abundance of histamine-N-methyltransferase, or HNMT, an enzyme that helps break down histamine within cells.

Common factors that interfere with DAO and HMNT levels include many prescription drugs, for example:

  • airway medications, such as theophylline
  • heart medications
  • antibiotics
  • antidepressants
  • antipsychotics
  • diuretics
  • muscle relaxants
  • pain medications
  • gastrointestinal medicines
  • nausea and gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD
  • malaria drugs
  • tuberculosis medications

The list also includes over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) and painkillers, such as:

  • acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)
  • indomethacin (Indocin)
  • diclofenac (Voltaren)
  • naproxen

Other influencing factors include:

  • alcohol
  • intestinal conditions or injuries that compromise the gut lining and affect digestion
  • liver conditions
  • vitamin B-6, vitamin C, copper, or zinc deficiencies
  • extreme or chronic stress
  • low oxygen states
  • injury or trauma
  • temperature extremes

Histamine Intolerance Support #1 PureGG 25B

Clinical Applications

  • Highly researched Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG to support immune, G.I., and overall health across all ages
  • Human origin strain, selected for its resistance to gastric acidity, adhesion properties, and ability to support healthy gut microflora
  • Provides 25 billion CFU per capsule, one of the most characterized and clinically studied probiotic strains on the market
  • Soy-free, dairy-free formulation
  • Shelf-stable
  • Made with high-quality vegetarian ingredients backed by verifiable science

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG is one of the best characterized and widely utilized probiotic strains, with numerous clinical trials across all ages. It is a human origin strain, selected for its resistance togastric acidity, adhesion properties, and ability to support healthy gut microflora. Studies involving infants and children suggest that supplementation with L. rhamnosus GG supports healthy G.I. colonization, G.I. function, and immune function, particularly related to skin and respiratory health.1,2 In a study involving children ages 1-7 attending daycare, L. rhamnosus GG offered statistically significant support for respiratory and immune health.3 Studies involving pregnant women suggest supplementation supports healthy gut microflora in the infant, as well as nutrient metabolism during pregnancy. In one study, infants whose mothers had received L. rhamnosus GG during pregnancy showed increased bifidobacterial diversity at Day 5 after birth.4

Histamine Intolerance Support #2 Pomegranate Plus

Clinical Applications

  • Supports cellular health
  • Enhances memory, and lipid metabolism
  • Maintains prostate health and glucose metabolism
  • Promotes healthy blood flow and vascular function

Pomegranate Plus is the perfect way to support your body and maintain healthy blood flow and it is a uniquely formulated fruit extract that contains a proprietary blend of fruit extracts providing exceptional vascular & cellular support. With the natural antioxidants found in Pomegranate Plus, you can avoid chronic health conditions while maintaining your health. This also provides a boost of oxygen-rich blood flow to your cells while also providing essential nutrients and antioxidants.

According to research, pomegranate supports memory, lipid metabolism, prostate health, and glucose metabolism, as well as reduces temporary muscle soreness after exercise. PhytoCardio’s proprietary blend provides free radical scavenging extracts derived from blueberry and cranberry fruits. A number of studies have shown that cranberry and blueberry extracts can support healthy microvascular endothelial function and gene expression. The antioxidant properties of cranberries and blueberries also support healthy microvascular endothelial function.

Histamine Intolerance Support #3 Hist Reset

Clinical Applications

  • Multi-faceted support for nasal and respiratory health
  • Promotes healthy mast cell stabilization
  • Supports healthy histamine metabolism
  • 100 mg luteolin per serving
  • Includes flavonoids quercetin, luteolin, and rutin for antioxidant and immune support

Histamine is a substance found in many foods such as meat, spinach, avocadoes, nuts, tomatoes, and chocolate, or released as part of the local immune response by immune cells, primarily mast cells, upon exposure to an immune trigger. Some individuals have difficulty breaking down histamine.1 This formula is designed to modulate mast cell and immune mediator activation, support healthy histamine metabolism, and promote respiratory and tissue health. Quercetin, luteolin, and rutin are flavonoids known to exhibit antioxidant and immune modulating activity. In vitro studies involving mast cells suggest that these compounds help to stabilize mast cells and modulate the release of immune mediators, including histamine, leukotrienes and prostaglandins.2-4 The mechanism of action is believed to be in part due to modulating extracellular signal-regulated kinases, including PKC. Animal studies suggest that these flavonoids can moderate IgE antibody’s mediated response in skin.5

Histamine Intolerance Support #4 Perilla Extract

Clinical Applications

  • Supports healthy modulation of Th2 cytokines, and eosinophil and mast cell activity
  • Maintains healthy modulation of mucosal immune responses to environmental factors
  • Offers perilla seed extract for more concentrated polyphenols, rosmarinic acid, luteolin, and other beneficial compounds compared to leaf
  • Part of the PureResponse&trade product line
  • Made with high-quality vegan ingredients backed by verifiable science

Perilla has been traditionally used to promote healthy respiratory and immune function. In animal models of Th2 dominance, perilla maintains healthy upper respiratory cytokine levels.1 Perilla extract helps support healthy modulation of Th2 cytokines, and eosinophil and mast cell activity.2,3 Modulating Th2 status helps to maintain Th1/Th2 balance and offers support for self-tissue response. It also helps maintain healthy modulation of mucosal immune responses to environmental factors and cytokine homeostasis of GI mucosal tissue.4‡

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