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Does The Pill Cause SIBO and Acid Reflux? (Video Dr Hagmeyer #4 of 6)

The Pill Can Be One Of The Causes Behind Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or SIBO. Welcome back I’m Dr Hagmeyer and today is video #4 in our series titled, “Is The Pill Wrecking Your Gut Health” Last week I did a video on Birth control pills and Leaky gut, I talked about testing for leaky […]

PCOS- Everthing You Wanted To Know-Video Series

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About PCOS, Natural Treatment and The Hormonal Imbalance that exists. WHY DO YOU STILL CONTINUE TO SUFFER WITH ACNE, UNWANTED HAIR GROWTH, INFERTILITY, DEPRESSION, WEIGHT GAIN, FATIGUE, POOR SKIN/REFLECTION, AND BRAIN FOG? Here’s What I Cover In This FREE Series For You. Why Metformin Birth Control pill cant fix your problem What Really […]

PMS- Stress and Hypothyroidism-DrHagmeyer

Got hypothyroidism and PMS? Stress could be robbing your body of progesterone Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and PMS – a double problem It’s the time of the month that so many women dread, the PMS days. For some, premenstrual syndrome is simply an irritating inconvenience, but for others it is a cause of extreme suffering. Yet because […]

Estrogen Dominace-And Why Progesterone Replacement Is Not Always The Answer

Woman with Hormonal Imbalances Often Suffer with Estrogen Dominance If you are a woman who is going through “the change”, suffering with menopausal symptoms, been put on HRT or you have endometriosis, you may have come across a term that gets thrown around quite a bit on the internet and in self help hormone balancing […]

Dr Hagmeyer Patient Review-Thyroid and Infertility

Five Long Years Of Trying To Get Pregnant With A Thyroid Problem. Thanks to Dr. Hagmeyer and his Thyroid Program, I Now Have A Beautiful Healthy Baby. Infertility & Your Thyroid Having trouble getting pregnant? Your thyroid could be the problem – and your doctor may not even know it. According to many integrative and Functional Medicine Health care […]

DHEA and Adrenal Imbalance- Costly Mistakes People Make When Taking Over The Counter DHEA

Dr Hagmeyer explains Some Of the Costly Mistakes People Make with Excessive DHEA-  Don’t Make This Mistake, You Could Further Fatigue Your Adrenals. In our last article we talked about DHEA, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Adrenal imbalance. Many people who experience fatigue, Insomnia, Hormonal imbalances, Chronic infections often suffer with adrenal imbalances. What many don’t realize […]