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Advanced Fibromyalgia Treatment Center Located In Naperville, IL

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Advanced Fibromyalgia Treatment Center Located In Naperville, IL Fibromyalgia is far more neurologically based than muscularly based. It’s just that your muscles feel most of the pain. Most of the Fibromyalgia diagnoses that I see come from Rheumatologists. A Rhueumatologist, by definition, is a doctor that specializes in disorders of joints and soft tissues- not […]

5 Steps to Minimize Fatigue Caused by Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

5 Steps to Minimize Fatigue Caused by Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

 5 Steps That Will Help Minimize Your Fatigue I have rarely seen individual suffering from Thyroid problems who also do not suffer from adrenal gland insufficiency/Chronic fatigue Syndrome. So how can you reverse adrenal fatigue and restore the health of your adrenals?Here are some of the things you can do that will have a profound […]

Steps to Avoid Uterine Fibroid Surgery. NeuroMetabolic Solutions. Dr Hagmeyer

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Steps You Can Take To Avoid Surgery When You Find Out You Have Uterine Fibroids Uterine Fibroids can affect women from their early 20’s to their late 40’s. This can be an alarming diagnosis as this represents a large percentage of women’s child bearing years. As to what is the cause of this condition, the […]

Overcoming Infertility When Diagnosed With A Thyroid Condition. Natural Thyroid Treatment

Infertility and Thyroid Hormones. What Every Woman Needs to Know. Dr Richard Hagmeyer D.C. Overcoming Fertility Problems When Having A Thyroid Condition Becoming pregnant is something that many women with thyroid conditions struggle with. Some of these women, to no avail, will go on to spend thousands of dollars on fertility specialists. I am not, […]

Why Conventional Thyroid Treatment Usually Fails, And What You Can Do About It. Naperville Thyroid Doctor

Hashimotos and Hypothyroidism. Dr Hagmeyer of Naperville IL Explains why you may not be getting better. Thyroid Disease is a Chronic and progressive Condtion. Do you wonder why you Continue To Suffer? The Secret To The Success of Naperville Institute For NeuroMetabolic Solutions  Big Picture Approach What do patients who suffer with chronic illness have in common? When I […]

Low Blood Sugar, Insulin Resistance And It’s Affects On Thyroid Function.

How Low Blood Sugar Affects The Thyroid Dr Hagmeyer Explains. Just as high blood sugar can affect and alter thyroid function, chronically low blood sugar or hypoglycemia can also cause thyroid problems. (If you missed our last post on high blood sugar and Thyroid function you can watch my video below) Your body is genetically programmed […]

Thyroid Surgery? What You Can Do Naturally To Help With Symptoms.

“Can you still help me even if my thyroid has been removed?” About every other day a potential patient writes to me and asks, “Can you still help me even if my thyroid has been removed?” It is a great question. The answer is YES… let me explain how: Usually a patient has had their […]

Hair Loss? Heart Palpitations? Fatigue? Weight Gain? It Could Be Your Thyroid……. or Worse

Hair loss, Debilitating Fatigue, Anxiety, Feeling Like your Heart is going to burst out of your chest and Weight gain despite dieting and exercising. These are just some of the most common complaints those who suffer with Hashimotos experience. Watch my latest video that explains the real reason you are suffering with Hypothyroidism, and Why medications […]

Weight Loss With Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos and Hypothyroidsim. Is it Possible?

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Loosing Weight With Hashimotos and Hypothyroidism. What Every Woman Must Know. Trying To Loose Weight But Regardless Of How Good You Eat… and How Much You Exericse, The weight Refuses To Come off ? Your Not Alone! Watch Karen’s Victory over Fibromyaliga, IBS, and Thryoid Disease, High cholesterol, and PreDiabetes. Well… take a deep Breath… […]

Neurotransmitter Brain Quiz Answers: The N Group

The “N” Group The neurotransmitter Norepinephrine, when released in the brain, causes feelings of arousal, energy, and drive. On the other hand, a short supply of it will cause feelings of a lack of ambition, drive, and or energy. It can even cause depression, paranoia, and feelings of apathy. Norepinephrine is also used to initiate […]