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The Vicious Cycle of Nutritional Deficiencies Associated With SIBO And SIBO Diet

I wanted to shoot today’s video because I am seeing just an alarming number of patients with SIBO and IBS come back with major nutritional deficiencies in some of the most critical vitamins, minerals, needed to heal the gut I’m also seeing an alarming number of amino acids imbalances that potentially could be one of […]

Dr Hagmeyer Patient Review- Fatigue, Depression, Male Hormone Imbalances, High cholesterol

I just wasn’t myself. I found myself irritated with little things, emotional ups and downs, stress, Fatigue, I was struggling with sleep issues and some hormone problems. I started working with Dr Hagmeyer at the recommendation of my wife. She had watched one of his videos on YouTube and she really liked his Functional Medicine […]

Dr Hagmeyer Patient Review- Autoimmune Thyroid Disease- Well worth it!

I have had very professional and courteous health care treatment from Dr. Hagmeyer and his staff. I have made drastic improvements with my Hashimoto’s and other health issues since I started treatment with him 4 months ago. The cost is expensive, but when you weigh it all out it is worth it because you’re not […]

Reviews Dr Hagmeyer- Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, GERD, IBS, Thyroid disease

I contacted Dr Hagmeyer because I was suffering for over 12 years with Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, GERD, IBS and 6 years ago thyroid problem. I have seen specialist after specialist after specialist with no answers and a further deterioration in my health. I was taking 7 different types of medication for pain, IBS, acid […]

Dr Hagmeyer Reviews

Patients from all the world reach out to to regain control of their lives. People suffering with Brain fog, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Hormonal imbalances, Thyroid problems, digestive problems and more. Here are some of the patient testimonials of Dr Hagmeyer’s patients. Patient Reviews “I started care because my body was working against me. I […]