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Alternative Thyroid Treatments That Work| Estrogen Dominance and Weight Gain| Dr Hagmeyer From NeuroMetabolic Solutions of Naperville IL explains Why

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Fatigued, Depressed, Difficulty with Weight Loss. Dr Hagmeyer From NeuroMetabolic Solutions of Naperville Il Explains Why. Fatigued, depressed, difficulty losing weight..? It may be due to your hormones. I know, these days it seems it seems like everyone is blaming everything  on hormones. But, lets take a closer look at why so many women are […]

ADD/ADHD Symptoms

As the neurological community currently understands the developmental disabilities of the ADD/ADHD circle, let us explore some specific fundamentals: 1. A PRIMARY PROBLEM IS IMBALANCE BETWEEN THE TWO HEMISPHERES. The two halves of the brain are referred to as the cerebral and cerebellar hemispheres. These are separated into ‘lobes’ with particular and distinct functions. When […]