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Predictive Antibody Screening- Cyrex Labs-What is it and Who should Get This Test

Why Test for Predictive Antibody Screening- How Cyrex Array 5 Can Help Many studies shows that autoimmune antibody can be elevated in the blood many years before symptoms occur. Cyrex Labs have now developed their array #5, a comprehensive autoimmune screen that helps in the early detection of autoimmunity. If detected early, natural and/or medical […]

Why Grains, Nuts, Beans and Seeds Can Be Damaging To The Body

Dr Hagmeyer a wellness and Functional Medicine Practitioner, explains How Grains, Nuts, Seeds, and Beans can be damaging to the Brain, and the Digestive system and why you may want to avoid them if you suffer with GI issues, Autoimmune problems or Low Thyroid. Hi Everybody Dr Hagmeyer here and if you saw my last video, I […]

How Vitamin D Deficiency And Its Impact on Autoimmune Thyroid-Part III

Vitamin D Has A Tremendous Impact On The Thyroid But Especially Those Who Suffer With Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroid Part I of this series detailed the importance of using a holistic and natural approach to Vitamin D deficiencies. Part II then addressed supplements and how your bodily functions can impact absorption. So then, how do we […]

Removing Autoimmune Triggers for Hashimoto’s

Removing Autoimmune Triggers for Hashimoto’s When there are food sensitivities already going on in the body to such things as gluten and iodine, it can trigger an autoimmune response. This is because the immune system believes these foods are trying to attack it and it lashes out. When there are food allergies, they need to […]

TH1 and Th2 Immune Balancing For Hashimoto’s –

Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease that has led to a variety of health problems – including hypothyroidism. The immune system needs to remain in balance to avoid an attack and a disruption in thyroid function. There are various triggers that cause the immune system to attack the body and it can be due to such […]

New Testing For Mold, and Heavy Metals Offers New Treatment Options.

Cyrex Array 11- New Testing For Environmental Chemical Sensitivities- Mold Toxins,BPA and Heavy Metals  And Why This Is Important If you suffer with an Autoimmune Disorder In developed countries, exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) is significant and continuous. It is found in plastics such as water bottles, metal can linings, dental sealants, toys, and other […]

Why TSH Thyroid Test Can Be Misleading

Why TSH Thyroid Test Can Be Misleading When You Are Told It’s Normal In this blog post, I will explain why this common thread exists among people who seek natural treatment methods for Thyroid. Understanding Optimal TSH Levels – see video below. The symptoms and signs of low thyroid function most often cited are: Fatigue […]

Lectins, Thyroid problems and Autoimmune Disease|Dr

Why are Lectins problematic For People with Thyroid Disorders and Autoimmune Disease? Learn more about Lectins, Thyroid disease and autoimmune disorders by watching my latest video. Lectins are problematic because they are sticky molecules that can bind to the linings of human tissue. Many food lectins can interact with and damage the delicate lining of […]

Thyroid Autoimmune Disease|Hashimoto’s Can Lead to Other Autoimmune Diseases

Dr. Richard Hagmeyer Naperville IL,  Helps Patients all over the world suffering with Thyroid problems using Natural Holistic Treatment methods. In This Video Series, Dr. Hagmeyer Explains Some Of The Warning Signs That You Should Know About When It Comes To Autoimmune Thyroid disease. Hashimoto’s can lead to other autoimmune diseases Why is it so […]