Candida Support Pack- Start Eliminating Candida Overgrowth Today

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This is an advanced supplement protocol to help someone break through and kick out the Candida.   This Candida support pack should be paired with a low FODMAP and Low Sugar Diet.



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Candida Support Supplement #1- Candida Complex

Supplement Overview

A plant-derived blend of nutrients designed to restore and maintain a healthy, balanced gastrointestinal microbiota.

This powerful phytonutrient complex was designed to help restore and maintain healthy gastrointestinal and vaginal balance, as well as harmonize microbiota populations. Along with undecylenic acid, this formula also provides berberine and other synergistic factors.

Candida Support Supplement #2- Hepatoforte

Supplement Overview

Designed to help support your liver’s detoxification actions during significant exposure to toxins from chemicals, heavy metals, drugs, and other sources.

Formulated to help meet the liver’s higher demand for nutrients that support antioxidant pathways, detoxification mechanisms, and enzyme regulation during significant exposure to chemical toxins, heavy metals, drugs, and biological burdens.

Candida Support Supplement #3- Interfase Plus

Supplement Overview

InterFase Plus® provides the same unique enzyme formulation as InterFase® with the addition of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). The presence of calcium, iron, and magnesium is essential for biofilm creation and serves to cross-link the anionic regions for polymers.

InterFase Plus® includes ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) which binds the metals needed for biofilm formation. Biofilm consists of microorganisms encased within a self-produced matrix of exopolysaccharides and exoproteins that strongly adheres to interfaces and resists dislodgement.


Candida Support Supplement #4- Biospora

Supplement Overview

Spore-forming probiotics for long-lasting GI and immune support.

BioSpora™ is a powerful blend of genetically certified Bacillus coagulans and B. subtilis species formulated to provide unique probiotic support for healthy gastrointestinal and immune function. Spore-forming bacilli have often been referred to as soil-based microorganisms because of their ubiquitous presence on the earth. When isolated from the human GI tract, spore-forming bacilli have long been thought to be transient bacteria. However, current research shows that Bacillus species are present in the GI tract in numbers higher than can be explained by ingestion alone. 

Candida Support Supplement #5- Undencylex

Supplement Overview

This powerful formula combines specific natural agents that discourage growth of yeast, fungi, and other undesirable intestinal microorganisms, thus supporting a healthy balance of intestinal microbiota. Berberine, an alkaloid found in various plants, has several metabolic and inhibitory actions. Polyphenols in green tea can adversely affect viability of certain undesirable microorganisms and yeasts. Undecylenic acid provided by calcium undecylenate is a monounsaturated fatty acid which inhibits hyphae formation in yeast cells, while sorbic acid has well-known inhibitory action against some undesirable microorganisms.

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