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Neurotransmitter Brain Quiz Answers: The G Group

The “G” group Symptoms are from the absence of the neurotransmitter, Gamma Amine Butyric Acid (GABA). GABA is an important neurotransmitter involved in regulating moods and mental clarity. Tranquilizers used to treat anxiety and panic disorders work by increasing the GABA. GABA is made from the amino acid, Glutamine. Glutamine passes across the blood-brain barrier […]

Neurotransmitter Brain Quiz Answers: The O Group

The “O” Group is named for the Opioid neurotransmitters contained in the Hypothalamus Gland. These neurotransmitters have two primary functions: 1. Opioids are released in small bursts when we feel a sense of urgency (stress). Some individuals thrive on this sense of urgency. They love just meeting deadlines, racing around to get things done. They […]

Neurotransmitter Brain Quiz Answers: The S Group

Neurotransmitters and Brain Function The “S” Group Serotonin is a hypothalamus neurotransmitter which is necessary for sleep to occur. A lack of serotonin causes difficulty in getting to sleep as well as staying asleep. It is often this lack of sleep that causes the symptoms mentioned above. Serotonin levels can easily be raised by supplementing […]