6 Signs You Have A Toxic Liver Due To Birth Control Pills

6 Signs Your Liver is Stressed out and Needs Help

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1-The Pill, High Cholesterol and Liver enzymes

Here are some early signals that your liver is struggling and in need of some help. The first sign you might have a sluggish toxic liver is you have High Cholesterol. As I said earlier, one of the main functions of the liver is to maintain a healthy level of fats in the bloodstream. For an average person, approximately 80% of the cholesterol is generated by the liver. A sluggish and toxic liver will show up as:

  1. Elevated low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or “bad cholesterol”
  2. Reduced high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, or “good cholesterol” which is the precursor for your hormone production
  3. Elevation triglycerides
  4. Elevated ALT and AST liver enzymes
  5. Weight gain
  6. Heart disease

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#2 The Pill, Bile Flow, Bloating and IBS

The 2nd area indicating that the liver is struggling is Digestive Problems. Bloating, Belching, Gas, abdominal pain after eating.

Out of the many functions that the liver performs, the most important is to produce bile, which helps in digestion through the process of emulsification of lipids.

You may remember that in the last video where we talked about the Gallbladder, I said that the liver and Gall bladder work together we talked about how important bile flow is- well

A sluggish toxic liver produces less bile or can cause bile sludge, this can lead to Inflammation in the bile ducts, gallbladder disease and stones in your gallbladder

*If you don’t have a Gall bladder, or you just suspect that you have a sluggish Gallbladder you will benefit from taking bile salts which aid in digestion of fats. I recommend that you start taking this

Digestive Problems associated with poor Bile flow or Bile Production

If the liver is not producing enough bile than a person may experience symptoms such as

  • Bloating of the abdomen especially when protein or fat is consumed.
  • Constipation
  • Leaky Gut
  • Inability to digest fatty foods
  • Loss of appetite
  • SIBO

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#3 The Pill Allergies, Rashes and Skin conditions

The 3rd areas involves allergies and skin conditions. The liver plays an important role in eliminating toxins from the body and maintaining the efficiency of the body’s immune system. If the process of eliminating toxins is slowed down, as is in the case of a sluggish liver caused by birth control pills and excess estrogen, skin irritation or skin allergies can develop. These are often some of the first sign of a sluggish toxic liver. A person in such a case would develop:

Symptoms of sluggish toxic liver or Liver Congestion linked to Birth Control Pills

  • Rashes
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Boils, acne, or moles
  • Itching

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#4 The Pill and Blood Sugar

Another area indicating that we have a problem with our liver, relates to our blood sugar and blood sugar stability.

Symptoms That Indicate A Potential Blood Sugar Problem linked to Birth Control Pills

  • loss of appetite
  • fatigue after a meal
  • frequent thirst
  • fatigue
  • irritability if meals are misses
  • changes in mood or cognitive function due to yo-yo blood sugar levels

If you suffer with several of these symptoms, then there is high likelihood that you have a blood sugar problem. I recommend that you get your fasting Insulin Levels tested as well as your Hemoglobin A1c levels checked. You cannot rely on just having your glucose levels tested.

Here is a great supplement to help support blood sugar Berberine VasoQX is fantastic.

#5 The Pill, Hormonal Imbalances and Mood Swings (Anxiety and Depression)

I have a whole video dedicated to how the pill causes depression and anxiety- So I will just mention it here. The pill can cause Low B6, B12, Zinc and Tryptophan levels.

Video 4 Does The Pill Cause SIBO? (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) 9

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#6 Another area affected by the sluggish, toxic liver caused by the Pill is Hormonal balance.

The liver is responsible for filtering out the breakdown or metabolites of hormones. A person with a sluggish liver would experience symptoms such as:

  • Irregular periods, heavy or light bleeding-
  • Passing large dark red clots,
  • Fibroids, Depression, Hot flashes
  • Cysts on ovaries
  • Mood swings or any menopausal problems