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Dr Hagmeyer Explains 5 of The Biggest Mistakes Thyroid Sufferers Make | Holistic & Functional Medicine

Dr Hagmeyer Explains 5 of The Biggest Mistakes Thyroid Sufferers Make

Hey guys Dr Hagemeyer here

I thought I would shoot this video today as a reminder to many of you who are struggling with thyroid disease. I see lots of bad information on the internet when it comes to treatment of thyroid related problems including Hashimoto’s disease and

after a conversation I had this morning with new prospective patient, it gave me this idea to shoot this short video.

 5 Things that are sabotaging your success when it comes to treatment for Thyroid disease and Hashimoto’s.

Reason #1
So I’m going to give you these 5 Things Sabotaging your Thyroid treatment and then I’ll explain them in more detail after we have listed them out for you.

#1 Not getting tested for Hashimoto’s-
#2 Switching from one medication to the next or relying on T3 replacement to fix your Thyroid.
#3 Relying on Medication/Thyroid Replacement to fix your problem
#4 Not having a Complete Thyroid Panel prior to treatment. 
#5 Not looking at the Big picture​​

Let’s unpack these 5 Truths/Reminders about Thyroid disease

#1- Not getting tested for Hashimoto’s- one of the biggest errors I see in medicine today is not getting tested.

Why is this so important? Because the #1 cause of Low Thyroid/hypothyroidism/ Euthyroid/Underactive Thyroid is something called Hashimoto’s. More and more doctors are becoming aware of this disease- but there is no way of knowing you have it unless you get your antibodies levels tested. So that is mistake #1- Get your antibodies levels tested.

2. Switching from 1 medication to the next or Relying on T3 replacement to Treat your Thyroid disease or treat your Hashimoto’s

Taking thyroid medication and I don’t care if it’s T3 or T4, Natural or Synthetic-It’s Never the answer! There is so much talk these days about Low T3 and Armour and Cytomel. But again these Never treat the Root cause of why your thyroid is not producing or converting hormones. Low T3 is not the problem- the cause of why your Low T3 is the problem. Does hormone replacement low levels? Yes, But does it address the reason why your body can’t make sufficient amounts of T3 causing Low T3?…… NEVER. Does it address the conversion of T4 to T3 more efficiently……. NEVER This conversion takes place throughout the body, in places like the gut and the liver. So no matter what dose, or brand, or formulation of thyroid hormone you’re taking, it still has to be converted by healthy gut and healthy liver. There is no medication that can fix things like leaky gut, gut dysbiosis, fatty dysfunctional liver or nutrient deficiencies that are the true cause of this problem. Does it Stop the immune systems attack on your Thyroid- NO NEVER

Unless you have had your Thyroid removed- I believe it is more prudent to investigate the reasons for poor production, poor conversion, and Thyroid resistance.

What else is sabotaging your Thyroid recovery?

Reason #3….. Relying on Medication/Thyroid Replacement to fix your problem if you have Hashimoto’s

Dr Hagmeyer Explains 5 of The Biggest Mistakes Thyroid Sufferers Make

I talk to too many patients that for years have known they have thyroid disease and the only thing they have done is take their thyroid hormone. Some felt better some felt worse but you will see in just a moment why this is destroying your health in the long run. When it comes to Hashimoto’s I want you to Imagine this scenario: I want you to imagine that the Navy or Air force is attacking a battleship, and instead of trying to stop the Navy or Air force, the commanding officer says… “There’s

nothing we can do about that attack, so just start bailing the water out with some buckets…” That is exactly the mentality of the medical community in general when it comes to Thyroid disease or Hashimoto’s disease… “Ignore the attack, just replace the hormone.” This is why your doctor is only testing your TSH and your Free T4

If you have Hashimoto’s disease, you need to work with a functional medicine doctor who will do one main thing for you and that’s Identify your Individual Autoimmune Triggers– these vary from person to person- may be things like food sensitivities, it may be due to high viral/bacterial load or chronic infections from things like Herpes, EBV, H.pylori, Lyme disease etc, it may be leaky gut, it may be nutritional deficiencies, it may be inflammation, it may be chemical reactivity– The point is when dealing with Autoimmune disease you have many triggers to contend with.

Only after these immune triggers have been identified, can you really start the road to recovery. Diet alone or going on a gluten free diet is not enough. With all of this being said, Never stop taking your thyroid medication unless your prescribing doctor has instructed you. If I was to tell you to stop taking thyroid medication, I would be guilty of malpractice- I don’t know you unfortunately, I don’t know anything about you, you are not my patient- So I have no right instructing you on what you should or shouldn’t do.- So that’s my disclaimer.

Moving along.

Reason #4 When It Comes to Sabotaging your Thyroid Treatment success- Not having your doctor Run a Complete Thyroid Panel

I have talked about the importance of having a complete Thyroid panel run in past articles. So I won’t spend too much time on this because I feel like I have addressed this many times in the past.

But……I do want you to know that there is no one singular reason your Thyroid is failing- There are many reasons and to start the process of unraveling all of this- you need a complete thyroid panel. Once you have this complete Thyroid panel however, your provider can determine the pattern of Thyroid dysfunction and from there, Your doctor can now determine the specialized testing you will need that will really help uncover the root cause of why you are sick.

A while back I spent some time putting together a free Thyroid guide, If you don’t have that yet- I will leave a link in the description box and you can visit that link and download it for free-

Alright, my last point about all of this is that, I tell prospective patients who come to me with only having a TSH and T4 that trying to navigate thyroid function without a full thyroid panel and specialized testing, Is like trying to navigate the open sees with only the moon and the stars as your guide as opposed to a GPS.

Watch this video on understanding your TSH

#5- Look at the Big Picture- We are all different- we have different stressors, we have different occupations, we have a different biological makeup.

Your solution to health is not going to be found in someone’s book that offers a protocol for you to follow. Everything from testing to diet to supplementation, lifestyle changes needs to be tailored to your needs and it needs to be based on testing.

Even if you have an identical twin who also has a thyroid problem- testing and treatment needs to be tailored to the person.

Here’s what I do in my practice that helps me have the success in helping patients that I have.

#1- Case Review– my new patient application and paperwork takes the average person 2-3 hours complete plus 7 days of food journaling. It is incredibly thorough-

Most offices a patient fills out paperwork in 10-15 minute and there done. The doctor or nurse spends 3 minutes looking at it-if that and then orders the same testing on every single patient. I need to know my perspective patients entire past health history- From Birth to present.

  • I have patients type up a 3-5 page health narrative- I want to know all the details that patient are not given the time to get into with the doctors they have seen prior to working with me.,
  • I require a 7 day food journal that needs to be completed so I can see what they eat but also what they don’t eat,
  • I have a metabolic assessment questionnaire that looks at a variety of metabolic imbalances and patterns,
  • I implement and use a Neurological assessment questionnaire,
  • I use a toxicity questionnaire and finally
  • I review all past testing of that patient from the last 12 months. I want to see what markers were run, why they were run and what was missing.

All of this is what I call a case review and only after I spend an hour or two reviewing this information can I then determine the specialized testing and biomarkers I will need to run in order for me to understand and unravel my patient’s case. I then incorporate nutritional and dietary counseling into a program for my patient. In addition to a patient working with me, a patient also gets paired up and works with one of my certified nutritionist who will help guide them, coach them, encourage them as well as Implement and carry out a dietary plan (that again has been tailored) to them based on testing.

So there you go…..I hope you enjoyed these 5 Things that are sabotaging your Thyroid treatment plus and explanation of what you should be looking for when it comes to working with a functional medicine doctor.

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