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Ileocecal Valve Release and SIBO-How To Massage the IC Valve

Everything you want to know about SIBO Video series SIBO and Ileocecal valve how to self massage IC valve Hey everybody Dr Hagmeyer here and todays video is another video in our series titled “Everything you wanted to know about SIBO”. We have talked about many aspects of SIBO- The causes, reasons for relapse, best probiotics […]

Healing the Ileocecal Valve And Why It’s Important When You Have SIBO

VIDEO TRASCRIPT Hey everybody, Dr Hagmeyer here and today we are talking about the Ileocecal valve-What it does, Why it’s important, Symptoms that occur when the IC valve is stuck open, Why it get stuck open, How it relates to IBS, SIBO and many other GI disorders and finally 3 scenarios you should be aware of […]

Best Probiotics To Take When You Have SIBO and When To Introduce Them

Best probiotics for SIBO Hi we are continuing in unpacking this SIBO mystery and we are digging deeper into the “Everything you wanted to know about SIBO series” In my last video, we talked about probiotics why some people feel worse when they take probiotics, The Best way to take probiotic and we also talked […]

Are Probiotics Causing Your SIBO Symptoms of Bloating, Belly Pain and Brain Fog

Are probiotics causing your SIBO symptoms Feeling worse after taking probiotics? 5 Reasons Why you felt worse after taking Probiotics and The Best way to take probiotics.  I’m Dr Hagmeyer and welcome to my YouTube channel. We are continuing my SIBO video series titled “Everything you want to know about SIBO” Today’s video is on […]

12 Tips to Balance Your Blood Sugar When You Have Thyroid Disease

Hi Everybody Dr Hagmeyer here and welcome back to this series on the “How blood sugar Effects Your Thyroid.” While most doctors don’t see the connection between blood sugar and thyroid problems,  I will tell you that it’s almost impossible to correct any hormonal imbalance, (Thyroid included) when a blood sugar problem is not identified […]

Blood Sugar Thyroid Connection- Why Blood Sugar is So Important If You Have Thyroid Disease

Do you have a Thyroid problem AND suffer with any of these 6 Major Symptoms. 1. Feeling grouchy in the morning until you have had your coffee or soda? 2. Blurry vision 3. Bouts of anger combined with poor memory and forgetfulness 4. Irritability or feeling lightheaded if you skip a meal 5. Sugar/carb cravings, […]