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Dr Hagmeyer Explains Hidden Causes of Thyroid Disease- Blood Sugar

Do you have a Thyroid problem AND suffer with any of these 6 Symptoms. Feeling grouchy in the morning until you have had your coffee or soda? Blurry vision Bouts of anger combined with poor memory and forgetfulness Irritability or feeling lightheaded if you skip a meal Sugar/carb cravings, Do you notice a frequent slump […]

Feeling Worse After Taking Probiotics When You Have SIBO and IBS? Learn Why

Feeling worse after taking probiotics? 5 Reasons Why you felt worse and The Best ways to take probiotics. I’m Dr Hagmeyer and welcome to my YouTube channel. We are continuing my SIBO video series titled “Everything you want to know about SIBO” Today’s video is on the topic of probiotics and why many people feel […]

The Missing Piece in Treating SIBO- Prokinetics

The missing piece In Treating Methane Dominant SIBO- (IBS-C and IBS-M) Hey Everybody Dr Hagmeyer here. If you have been diagnosed with Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) then the frustrations of dealing with bloating, and gas, constipation or diarrhea is probably getting pretty old. Today, I wanted to give you some insight into a very […]

Dr Hagmeyer Explains Some Of The Foods That Cause Depression, Anxiety, Brain Fog, Sleeping problems

Foods That Cause Depression, Anxiety, Brain Fog, Sleeping Problems (Transcript of video) Hey everybody Dr Hagmeyer here and today I want to talk you about some of the things you can do naturally if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, loss of focus, sleeping problems, fatigue or some other mental health problem. Specifically I want […]

Why SIBO Treatments Fail So Many People (Part I)-Coinfections,Cortisol, Blood Sugar and More

Part 1 why SIBO treatments fail Part I 11 Reasons You Can’t Rid of  SIBO-(reasons 1-5) Hi I’m Dr Hagmeyer and I want to welcome you my website or my YouTube video channel depending on where you are watching this. Today’s video is part of my “Everything you want to know about SIBO video series” […]