Dr Richard Hagmeyer Reviews- Thyroid disease, 56 pounds weight loss,

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I have not found any doctor-M.D. or Endocrinologist that really had his/her finger on the pulse of my problem for over 10 years. And I’ve been looking.

I have a thyroid issue. The best way I can describe regular doctors is like prescribing an aspirin if you have pain from a brain tumor. And not really figuring out the proper treatment.

This is what Dr. Hagmeyer did for me. He figured out the proper treatment that would actually address all of the ‘broken’ pieces of my puzzle and is fixing them which, in turn, is making me feel 90% better. He is addressing the most critical issues and then the weight loss last.

However, by following his program, I feel better and I’ve lost 53 pounds in 6 months. No hunger, no starving just eating good nutritional food. For that reason alone, he is worth his weight in gold!

He is scary smart and I would recommend him to anybody who really wants to understand the cause and obtain a viable treatment of their problem. 10 stars!

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