Supporting Your Immune System Naturally with Glutathione

Hi Dr Hagmeyer here and today we want to talk a bit about Glutathione and the essential role it plays in the immune system, we are going to spend some time talking about how to increase your levels naturally from one of my most favorite traditional ancestral foods, then I am going to spend some time explaining Glutathione recycling- what it is and how it can helps you- with all the talk about boosting Glutathione levels whats not talked about very much is the recycling of this anti-oxidant- this is a massively overlooked part of autoimmunity and chronic disease management and finally I am going to share my favorite supplements that are needed to help assist this process of recycling Glutathione within your cells-

This video is especially important if you suffer with any kind of autoimmune disorder, If you have inflammation or a Neuro degenerative diseases affecting the Brain and Nerve System-

In reality this video is important for those of us who not only want to recover from sickness but for those of who are trying to prevent disease.

I have done a video In the past about glutathione, and so you may want to wathch that video when you are done with this one, but if you are just joining us, Glutathione is the main antioxidant that protect our mitochondria.

You see… Mitochondria are the little factories inside each cell of our body, their job is to convert the nutrients we take in everyday and then converts those nutrients into energy or ATP. Think of ATP as the energy currency that every cell in our body can use and it keeps us alive.

Without Glutathione, these mitochondria are damaged from free radicals and that leaves you and me at risk for disease.

Glutathione is made up of 3 amino acids Cystein, Glutamic acid and Glycine and it is made in the liver- So just think about that for a moment…

In Order To Make Glutathione There Are 3 Prerequisites

#1 Healthy liver– are you taking  medications that stress your liver? Birth control pills, Antidepressants, Tylenol, Cholesterol lowering drugs ie statins- are your liver enzymes elevated or even mildly elevated? Do you have a chronic infection, Do you drink alcohol? Are you exposed to smoke? or Do you smoke cigarettes? Do you work in a workplace where air quality is not the greatest? These all put stress on your liver.

The second prerequisite to glutathione production- sufficient amounts of 3 very specific amino acids (Cysteine, Glycine and Glutamic Acid). These all form the substrate from which glutathione is produced.

#3 prerequisite for glutathione production is Healthy mitochondria– (These are the powerhouses within your cells) with people who have autoimmune disease, Mitochondrial are destroyed- when these mitochondrial are destroyed you just shut down the internal operations of making cellular energy within the millions of cells in your body.

If you take a look at this picture- When we talk about Glutathione, there are two main forms-reduced glutathione (GSH) and oxidized glutathione (GSSG).


These two forms are constantly being turned into or “recycled” from one form into the other (with the enzymes glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase) and what so exciting about this, this is where nutritional support (diet and specific supplements like the ones we are going to talk about can be extremely helpful is in this recycling process and for battling chronic diseases.

Study after study shows that your body’s ability to constantly take oxidized glutathione and recycle it back to reduced glutathione is critical for managing autoimmunity.

These enzymes (glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase) come into consideration when we look at how to support the glutathione system nutritionally using the principles of Holistic and Functional Medicine

So If you are suffering with chronic health problems where you have inflammation as one of the underlying causes such as Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Migraines, Diabetes, Hashimoto’s, Depression Inflammatory bowel disease then promoting glutathione recycling in your body I believe is something everybody should be doing.

By naturally supporting your recycling pathways you will be…

1. Support and protecting your cell mitochondria- those ATP/energy producing cells,
2. Enhance tissue recovery,
3. Temper the imbalance between TH-1 and TH-2 immune system responses, TH1 and Th2 are the immune system branches which play a role in autoimmunity and finally you will be doing something natural to boost immune system regulation.

Whenever you are dealing with autoimmunity- your number one goal should be to identify the TRIGGERS behind why the immune system is doing what it’s doing and then dampen both the autoimmune reaction and damage its causing to the body.

So How You Can Best Support Your Glutathione levels?

glutathione autoimmune disease Dr Hagmeyer

#1- What’s the BIG PICTURE- another words what’s causing the stress In your body? Hormones, food sensitivities, leaky gut, infection, LPS bacterial toxins, Neurotransmitters, adrenal function, heavy metal, mold, Oxidative stress, etc

#2- Give your body the building blocks to make Glutathione- Bone Broth!- Bone broth is loaded with these amino acids that go onto to form Glutathione levels and bone broth can improve Secreatory IgA levels which are an important part of your gut and mucosal immune system defenses.

#3- Supplements to help to body convert oxidized glutathione back into the reduced glutathione state.

Here are 7 supplements that I often use in practice with patients I work with.

#1 N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC): NAC is a key compound to glutathione activity. It is rapidly metabolized into intracellular glutathione.

#2. Alpha-lipoic acid– ALA directly recycles and extends the metabolic life spans of vitamin C, glutathione, and coenzyme Q10, and it indirectly renews vitamin E, all of which are necessary for glutathione recycling.

#3. L-glutamine: not only is L-glutamine critical to gut function- but without out you don’t have glutathione

#4 Selenium: Selenium again activates the recycling system.

#5 Cordyceps: Cordyceps has also been shown to protect cells by engaging the glutathione enzyme cycle.

#6 Gotu kola (Centella Asiatica): Research shows it plays a role in not only recycling but also in increasing the quantity of glutathione an finally there is

#7 Milk thistle (Silybum marianum): Milk thistle support the health of your liver and also has been shown to increase glutathione, increase superoxide dismutase (another powerful antioxidant) activity, and positively influence the ratios of reduced and oxidized glutathione.

I find the supplements found in Glutathione Recycler, liposomal (cream) Oxicell, and AC Glutathione do a great job.

In closing this video just a couple of take aways…

#1 from a dietary standpoint Bone broth can be something incredible helpful because its is loaded with these amino acids (Glycine, glutamine and Cysteine)-which again are the building blocks to create Glutathione.
#2 Glutathione levels are depleted with autoimmune disease, chronic stress and exposure to environmental toxins.
#3 Glutathione is constantly being transformed from Reduced glutathione to Oxidized glutathione. It’s the Reduced Glutathione that protects the cells.
#4 If You want to improve your immune system function- two things NOT Only is it important to increase QUANTITY of glutathione, we also need to support the body with the Recycling of Glutathione (taking Oxidized glutathione and recycling it back to Reduced glutathione)- this is where many supplement can help push that process.

Chronic stress (from hormone imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, inflammation, inContact-Usfection, adrenal dysfunction, poor diet, alcohol, lack of quality sleep, smoke, etc – depletes our bodies Glutathione levels. This is why you need to look at the entire health picture- its not just about taking these supplements that I listed. But really focusing in on rebuilding and repairing your body.

Keeping overall glutathione levels up by supporting glutathione recycling helps buffer the body’s cells from the many stressors heaved at us each day.