Causes of Adrenal Fatigue Finally Explained

Dr Hagmeyer- Naperville Holistic Chiropractic Physician explains 4 Main Causes of Adrenal Fatigue And Why Fermented Foods Are So important.

There are Four main reasons for Adrenal fatigue and Adrenal Burnout. They Can Be Summarized Below.

1. Emotional stress, typically related to grief or loss of a loved one, Marital stress, loss of a job or worrying about a health problem.

2. Poor diet: Eating too many carbs can disrupt cortisol and a certain group of corticosteroids (a blood pressure-stabilizing hormone), and the Standard American Diet is  “A perfect recipe for destroying your adrenal glands”

One of the most important things that cortisol does is regulating secretory IgA in your gut. What this means is that the immune response in your gut is controlled by cortisol. Hence, if you’re stressed, the immune response in your gut suffers, the gut tissue becomes damaged, and good bacteria give way to bad bacteria, causing immune dysregulation that is centered in and around your gut.

Four important Aspects to address this problem Naturally are to

1) Regularly eat fermented foods, which will dramatically increase the beneficial bacteria in your body (which automatically will help decrease pathogenic bacteria) Video on Fermented foods

2) Eat a diet low in sugars and carbs, eliminate grains as that will also promote a healthy gut flora.

3)Watch My Video on 8 Dietary Changes Needed If you Suffer with Adrenal or Thyroid Problems.

4) Get Properly Tested- Without proper testing, I see patients (daily) who self treat and further exacerbate the adrenal stress response. Be careful!

3. Chronic inflammation in your body: Inflammation is the hallmark of virtually every disease you can think of, from diabetes to cancer, and when chronic, it stresses your system, including your adrenals.

4. Underactive thyroid. Thyroid function is diagnosed by a blood test, but there’s some controversy over what is normal and what’s not. Many alternative doctors feel the conventional reference ranges are far too broad, and opt to treat people exhibiting sub-clinical thyroid symptoms.

Learn more about the Misdiagnosis of Thyroid Problems

Learn more about Adrenal-Thyroid connection.

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