Preventing A Recurring SIBO Infection-Part IV Video Series

Preventing and Reversing A Recurring SIBO Infection

The Answer For Better GI Health Lies In A Four Step Process.

Have you wondered WHY you continue to Suffer with Diarrhea, Cramping, Bloating, Brain Fog, and Constipation? If your like most people you have probably

#1 Not had the right Kinds of Tests Yet- You Need Functional Testing.

#2 If you have had the right kinds of tests and you continue to suffer, your tests have not been interpreted correctly- another words the treatment didn’t match the cause of the problem.

#3 You have not” layered in” the right of  Targeted Supplements.  Most people come to my office after trying to treat themselves with supplements that were aimed at treating symptoms naturally. Their is an art to understanding how supplements synergize with one another. Getting well is more than just taking a bunch of supplements.

#4 You haven’t Dialed into the Dietary Changes that need to be made.

Most of the tests people have had done, DONOT shed any light as to the cause of your problem. This is why thousands of people who suffer with Chronic diarrhea, Chronic constipation, Bloating, GERD will continue to suffer despite thousands and thousands of dollars worth of incorrect testing and treatment methods.

Learn more about my 10 Steps To Reversing IBS, SIBO, Chronic Diarrhea 

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