How To Recognize The Symptoms of Excess Male Hormones In Women.

Androgen excess is an endocrine disorder that is sometimes found in women during their reproductive years. While everyone has a combination of male and female hormones, women have more estrogen, and men have more androgen. However, certain conditions may cause women to produce excess androgen.

If you are a woman taking compounded hormones, bio-identical hormone replacement, Hormone creams, it’s very possible that the symptoms you are experiencing could be due to excess male hormones.  These hormones could be the result of progesterone cream, DHEA supplementation or other replacement hormones.

At some point in time many woman will find themselves having an overload or over conversion of these hormones into androgenic hormones. In this video Dr. Hagmeyer, Clinic Director at The Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions offers 10 warning signs you should be familiar with if you are taking hormones.

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