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Dr. Richard Hagmeyer is the director and founder of the Naperville Institute For Neuro Metabolic Solutions in Naperville Il, Chicago suburbs.

Thyroid Problems and The Importance of the Triglyceride/HDL Ratio

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Its hard to imagine that in the United States of America, a nation who supposedly has the best health care system in the world, 1 woman dies every 90 seconds. Many of these woman with high cholesterol may not know that the cause of their high cholesterol, is not due to their diet, or a lack of exercise, but due to an undiagnosed or mismanaged thyroid disorder.

Undiagnosed and undertreated hypothyroidism can cause elevated cholesterol, triglycerides and alter other important aspects of cardiovascular health. Of the estimated 13 million Americans with thyroid disease, at least half are undiagnosed and millions more are not sufficiently treated, opening them up to the risk of continued hypothyroidism symptoms despite treatment.

One of the things I continually try to impress on men and woman who suffer with thyroid disorders is the importance of looking beyond the thyroid gland and approaching thyroid disease from a functional level. This means, that in order to correct the underlying thyroid imbalances, one must look at the influence of diet, hormones, adrenal health, and proper digestion. Correcting Thyroid dysfunction requires looking at the entire picture.  Learn more about a natural holistic approach to restoring Thyroid function here

If your Thyroid is not being properly managed, you are increasing the likelihood of having a heart attack by as much as 50-70%.

Heart disease kill more woman than Cancer- Thyroid testing

Lets Talk About Cholesterol Ratios and Numbers. It Could Be The difference Between Life And Death.

It is the ratio between the level of HDL-“good” cholesterol and total cholesterol that we need to be concerned about.

Therefore, in adults, the HDL-“good” cholesterol/total cholesterol ratio should be higher than 0.24 (just divide your HDL level by your cholesterol).

Or more precisely, the HDL/total cholesterol ratio:

  • 0.24 or higher is considered ideal
  • under 0.24 – low
  • less than 0.10 – very dangerous.

Generally speaking, the higher the ratio, the better (the lower your risk of a heart attack). However, HDL is closely related to triglycerides. It appears common for people with high triglycerides to have low HDL’s, and these same people also tend to have high levels of clotting factors in their blood stream, which is unhealthy in protecting against heart disease. Therefore, in adults, the triglyceride/HDL-“good” cholesterol ratio should be below 2 (just divide your triglycerides level by your HDL).

Or more precisely, the triglyceride/HDL ratio:

  • 2 or less is considered ideal
  • 4 – high
  • 6 – much too high
  • And, since HDL (high density lipoprotein) is protective against heart disease, the lower the ratio, the better.

It is now believed that the triglycerides/HDL ratio is one of the most potent predictors of heart disease. In other words, the lower your triglycerides, or the higher your HDL, the smaller this ratio becomes.

A Harvard-lead study author reported:

“High triglycerides increased the risk of heart attack nearly three-fold. As you can see, with what we know about the influence of thyroid function on cholesterol and triglycerides it becomes essential to correct thyroid function by looking at all the pieces of the puzzle and not get “hung up” on just replacing thyroid hormones.

Studies also showed that people with the highest ratio of triglycerides to HDL — the “good” cholesterol — had 16 times the risk of heart attack as those with the lowest ratio of triglycerides to HDL in the study of 340 heart attack patients and 340 of their healthy, same age counterparts. The citation stated, the ratio of triglycerides to HDL was the strongest predictor of a heart attack, even more accurate than the LDL/HDL ratio.

What You Should Take Away From This Article

  • One Woman dies every 90 seconds, from a heart attack
  • Thyroid gland influences many cardiovascular factors such as Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Heart Rate and Heart Contractility
  • The Vast Majority of woman are not being properly managed when it comes to thyroid function.
  • The most important risk factor for a heart attack is the Triglyceride/HDL ratio
  • The triglyceride/HDL ratio you need to shoot for is 2 or less.
  • Natural Thyroid methods, that implement a strategy that address diet, hormones, adrenal health,Immune Function and proper digestion can have a huge impact on reducing deaths associated with poor thyroid function.

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