Hair Loss Can Be Caused by Stress and Hormone Imbalances| Dr Hagmeyer Explains

Hair Loss Can Be Caused by Stress and Hormone Imbalances| Dr Hagmeyer Explains

HAIR LOSS? The Adrenal-Thyroid-Stress| Connection.

Dr. Hagmeyer, a Holistic Functional Medicine Practitioner explains how stress Can Cause Hair loss, Brittle hair and nails as well as dry skin.

woman picking hair out of brushThe Surprising link between hair loss and hormones Dr Richard Hagmeyer Explains.

A common complaint we hear from patients suffering with Thyroid problems is hair loss. If you think that hair loss is a condition that only affects men over the age of 50 or menopausal women, Think again!

What we are seeing today are young, women in their twenties and thirties with hair loss, and there are plenty of them. I have seen this in young girls as young as 17 years old. One in six women lose their hair; some lose small amounts while others losing considerably larger amounts.  Premature hair loss is more common in women than you think, but there are various steps you can take to help prevent it.

Statistics show that a staggering thirty percent plus of 25 to 35-year-old females suffer from the devastating condition of hair loss- The stress and strain of 21st-century living is one of the main culprits, and a person’s altered stress mechanism involving the adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands, which produce hormones such as cortisol, DHEA, adrenalin and thyroid stimulating hormone are primarily responsible.

Women are leading increasingly stressful lives, there are more single moms today than ever before and many of these single moms are filling both a mother and fathers role. Many mothers are now having to maintain successful careers as well as fulfilling the role of wife, mother and homemaker. Their increasingly stressful lives, is clearly playing a role in their hair loss, and on other system of their body.

It’s important for you to understand that if you have been under high stress, and you are losing hair, you most likely suffer from or your either hyper adrenal dysfunction (too much) or hypo adrenal dysfunction (too little).Either way a proper evaluation of your metabolic Hormones is necessary.

If you are a male suffering with Hair loss, Stress and a Thyroid Condition go here

If you are female suffering with Hair loss, Stress and a Thyroid Condition go here

Day after day, I talk to men and women suffering with these imbalances and, In my opinion the reason that those with adrenal dysfunction go from doctor to doctor, and continue to suffer is that our healthcare model misses the big picture. For too many Hair loss sufferers, if you have complaints of hair loss, your doctor might run a thyroid screening test and look at your iron levels. Most often, both come back within “normal range” and so you are told that you are just stressed out. This is often not the case. Read our article on Lab ranges here.

Proper treatment starts with the complete understanding of what systems are malfunctioning and where the problem is coming from. If you suffer with Hair Loss, we need to find out what’s causing it. We ARE going to do a complete metabolic workup that is going to look at everything that has the potential to affect your metabolic function (Adrenals, Stress Hormone/Levels, Thyroid, Iron levels, autoimmune conditions, Gut function, Estrogen Levels) (learn more about the approach of Functional Medicine here)

If you understand that all of your body works together than you will understand that hair loss is about balance within your hormone system. This balance is affected by many system of your body such as your immune system, Gastrointestinal System, and neurological system. All work in harmony and any effective treatment must look at all of these at once.

At the Naperville Institute For Neuro-Metabolic Solutions we often find Nutritional deficiencies, Food sensitivities, Auto immune problems, Blood sugar problems, hidden Infections, and Hormone imbalances that other doctor have missed.

All of these issues must be checked and addressed for your hair loss to come to a grinding halt. If you suspect that your Hair loss is caused by a hormonal imbalance such as adrenal fatigue or by Hashimotos Thyroiditis contact us today. We help have helped hundreds of men and woman with hair loss, brittle nails, dry cracking skin uncover the cause.

This BIG Picture Approach Is What Sets Us Apart From Other Doctors

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