Naperville Thyroid Doctor|Can Exercise Damage My Thyroid And Adrenals?

Is Your Workout Regiment Putting Your Thyroid and Adrenals At Risk? What You Need To Know Right Now.

Dr Hagmeyer of explains how your workout regiment may be at times sabotaging the health of your Thyroid and Adrenals.

overtraining2Like many women who come to our office, Mary was a mother of two who began a vigorous exercise program of weight lifting and running, one to two hours a day, six days a week.

Not only did she fail to lose weight, she actually gained weight, and found herself battling more fatigue, more Insomnia, Sugar Cravings, irritability, and constant colds and flus.

As it turns out, Mary was exercising too much and was causing Adrenal Fatigue and Adrenal Burnout.

Overtraining can weaken the body. Here’s why….

While regular exercise is vital to good health, studies show overtraining can actually deplete hormones, depress immunity, lead to bone loss, increase the risk of injuries, slow healing, increase inflammation, and cause a general feeling of burn-out. (1)

Sufficient recovery between exercise sessions and exercising at an appropriate intensity will get you fitter faster without compromising health.

Overtraining-What It Does To Your Thyroid And Adrenals.

Overtraining causes your body to pump out extra cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands that helps us cope with stress. High cortisol can cause bone loss, and muscle breakdown, create belly fat, increase sugar cravings, and lead to insulin resistance, a pre-diabetic condition that causes high blood sugar.

Overtraining and low cortisol

Some people who over train suffer from low cortisol, which can lead to weight gain, fatigue, low blood sugar (with dizziness, light-headedness, and irritability), muscle weakness, difficulty recovering from workouts, and poor immune strength.

American life is already stressful Clearly, neither high nor low cortisol produces the desired effects of an exercise regime, and both cause a chronic inflammatory state that ages you quickly. Throw in other factors of modern American life—stressful lifestyles, too little sleep, poor diets, too many sweets and caffeine—and overtraining can be the tipping point into cortisol-driven disorders.

adrenal stress index

This is an example of Panel that was run on one a patient who suffers with thyroid Problems, Sugar Cravings, Constant Fatigue, Irritability in the morning and Insomnia at night.

(The Green line is Normal) The Blue Line is the Patients cortisol Rhythm. Also note how all of her levels are elevated. This is not Good!

Symptoms of Overtraining. Consequences on Your Thyroid and Adrenal.

How much exercise is too much? This varies from person to person. Overtraining for one person can be another person’s warm up. An adrenal salivary panel will show you your cortisol levels, but it’s especially important to pay attention to signals from your body, which is harder than it sounds for the driven athlete accustomed to pushing the envelope.
Symptoms of overtraining include persistent tiredness, worsening strength and stamina, sleep disturbances, slow recovery, aching joints or limbs, injuries, and frequent illness, to name a few.
Exercise should boost energy, not drain it! Appropriate exercise boosts your energy and your sense of well-being.  While some muscle soreness is normal, you should experience energy, mental focus, and a good mood during recovery periods between workouts.

Ask us about an adrenal cortisol panel to help you establish whether or not exercise could be causing more harm.

Listen to another patients who was overtraining and the consequences it was having on her. This patient was working out intensely 5-6x per week.

Our Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Recovery Program is a customized, natural treatment for people who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, high DHEA, or Low DHEA or Exercise Induced Adrenal Disorder.

We use advanced testing methods, nutritional supplements, Dietary modifications, Hormone and endocrine support formula, and lifestyle guidance.

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Each person who suffers with symptoms of  Fatigue, Brain Fog, hormonal imbalances, weight gain has a different set of mechanisms or causes.

Our office will customize a Health Restoration Program based on your testing and tailor it to your individual needs. We know that this can be a difficult time and situation, and are here to help.

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